Best Websites to Get Your Fashion Inspiration

Have you ever opened your closet and said to yourself ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’? Or tried on different outfits only to settle with plain blue jeans and a shirt? Well you’re not alone. We’ve all been in a fashion rut one way or the other.

But with fashion sites that’s dripping with style, those days will soon be a thing of the past – and hopefully stay there. What’s more important is that these sites feature real people and their distinct sense of style, which hopefully can serve as your muse to shape your own. Now get ready to be glamorously inspired. gives you an opportunity to play dress up everyday. This fashion site features a slew of all the latest clothes and accessories from different brands, designers and celebrities in which you can build sets on. These sets are composed of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you chose to create a certain look that you’re going for. These sets will definitely be helpful in trying to visualize the overall look of your outfit. Just imagine Polyvore as your very own visual fashion diary. And with 6.5 million users creating and sharing their own sets, there’s definitely no running out of fashion inspiration here.

This site is not for the weak of fashion heart. JapaneseStreets shows what the stylishly crazy kids of Japan are wearing. It’s highly informative as it also mentions the brand and price of their outfit and the same with their accessories and mobile phones. So if you see something you like, you can easily place an order online.

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